Mystery Google ‘media device’ passes through FCC

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Ready to wrap up your week with a mystery?

A new Google device has appeared in the FCC, but it’s unclear exactly what it could be. As spotted by Droid-Life, the product features the model number A4RH2B. That suggests that it could be a Home family device, as the Nest Hub Max is H2A, the Home Hub is H1A, the Google Home Max is H0B, and the Google Home Mini is H0A.

This mystery product is listed as being a “Media Device” and it has a pill-shaped FCC label on its bottom side. The FCC filing lists the device as having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and it’s powered by a 3.8V lithium ion battery, suggesting that it’s a portable device that would need to be recharged, otherwise it’d likely have a dedicated power supply.

Unfortunately, Google has requested confidentiality from the FCC for this device, so the external and internal photos, test setup photos, and user manual are all hidden by the FCC for now.

Google H2B FCC

So what might this be? Your guess is as good as ours right now. Perhaps Google is planning to expand the Home/Nest family with a portable smart speaker? Or it’s possible that the battery aspect is just throwing us off and this is a “media device” that’s meant for the home and the Li-ion battery is just meant to supply backup power in case the main power source for the device is cut off, like if your home loses power.

The next big Google event isn’t expected to happen until this fall, so we may have to wait until then to find out what this product might be. Of course, Google could also make a surprise announcement before then. For now we’ll just have to examine this FCC filing and speculate about what the device could be.

What do you think this mystery Google product might be?

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