Netflix now available on Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max smart displays

Nest Hub smart display

One of the main benefits of a smart display is that it lets you watch shows and movies in a place where you don’t have a TV, like in your kitchen. And now Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max owners are getting another entertainment option for their devices.

Netflix is available on Google’s Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max smart displays starting today. This is the first time that Netflix is available on any smart display.

If you’ve got a Netflix account and a Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max, you can link your account on the device using the Google Home or Assistant apps.

You can play Netflix content using just your voice by saying things like “Hey Google, play Queer Eye” to start playing a show instantly or “Hey Google, open Netflix” if you’d like to scroll through Netflix’s content selection. The Netflix app on Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max also supports voice commands for play, pause, and skip, as well as Quick Gestures that let you pause and play video by looking at the device and raising your hand.

Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming services around, so it’s good to finally see it rolling out to smart displays like the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. Now you can easily start a new show or pick up where you left off while you’re making dinner.

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