New Google Home Mini said to be called ‘Nest Mini’, include 3.5mm jack and wall mount

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Nearly two years after the Google Home Mini made its debut, details on a new model have leaked out.

The new Google Home Mini will reportedly be known as the “Nest Mini”, following the naming convention that began with the Nest Hub Max. The Nest Mini will have a form factor similar to the Google Home Mini and roughly the same size, says 9to5Google, but that doesn’t mean that it won’t have any new features.

The Nest Mini speaker is expected to have better sound compared to its predecessor, including better bass, higher max volume, and improved overall quality. Google is also said to be including a 3.5mm aux jack, which could be used to let you connect the Nest Mini to a regular speaker to give it some Google Assistant smarts.

Also rumored to be included with the Nest Mini is a built-in wall mount. Wall mounts for small speakers like the Google Home Mini and Amazon Echo Dot are popular, letting you save space on your counter, and so a built-in wall mount for the Nest Mini would make for a nice addition.

Finally, the Nest Mini is said to be getting proximity awareness that could show you the current volume when you approach the device.

With Google expected to host a new hardware event in early October for the Pixel 4, it’s possible that this Nest Mini will be announced there, too. The small speaker is expected to get some new colors when it launches, and while its price point isn’t yet known, it could stick with the Google Home Mini’s $49 price point since it’ll be Google’s entry-level smart speaker.

Now that we’re nearing the Google Home Mini’s second birthday, it makes sense that Google would have a new model in the works. While these small speakers aren’t exactly known for high-quality sound, it’s good to hear that Google is planning to give the Nest Mini improved sound. Overall this Nest Mini sounds like it could be a nice update to the Google Home Mini, and the 3.5mm jack could make it more versatile.

Does this leaked Nest Mini interest you?

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