New Google Pixel Buds pass through FCC, get one step closer to launch

Google Pixel Buds 2020

Five months after Google’s announcement of the new Pixel Buds, we still don’t know exactly when they’re going to launch. This week they did take a critical step toward release, though.

The new Pixel Buds got FCC approval this week. They appeared in the FCC’s database with the model numbers G1007 and G1008, one for each earbud.

While these entries don’t contain any images of the Pixel Buds, they are each listed as a “Wireless Earphone” made by Google. The entries also confirm that the new Pixel Buds will operate over Bluetooth, but unfortunately that’s about the extent of the interesting information contained in them.

Announced way back in October 2019, the new Pixel Buds ditch the cable connecting the previous model and go truly wireless. Google says that they can get a seal in your ear to offer better sound but that they also have a spatial vent to prevent that plugged ear feeling. The new Pixel Buds also offer Adaptive Sound, which promises to automatically adjust your volume based on your surroundings so that you’re not constantly tweaking it.

Google previously said that the Pixel Buds would launch in spring 2020. We just entered spring one week ago, so they could be released just about any time now. Whenever they do end up launching, they’ll cost $179.

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