New Google ‘wireless device’ passes through the FCC

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Ready for a mystery?

A mysterious Google device has passed through the FCC, and no one seems to know exactly what it is. Spotted by Droid-Life, we know that the device is made by Google and that it features the model number GXCA6. The FCC classifies it as a “Wireless Device”, which isn’t terribly helpful in identifying it.

The device is listed as having just Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, so it’s not a phone. As you can see in the image below, the FCC label is printed on the bottom of the device and it has an oval shape.

Google GXCA6 FCC label

A diagram in the FCC filing shows the EUT — or “equipment under test” — next to a Bluetooth speaker, phone, and laptop. The device is plugged into a wall and the FCC tested it by streaming music through WLAN and a Bluetooth speaker.

Google GXCA6 FCC diagram

So what might this be? There are two possibilities. First is Google’s oft-rumored Android TV dongle, codenamed “Sabrina”, that leaks have shown is shaped like a dongle. Its model number is a bit different from past Chromecast devices, which had model numbers like NC2-6A5, but this is an Android TV device and not a Chromecast.

Another possibility is that “Prince” smart speaker that recent rumors say Google is working on.

We’ve seen the “Sabrina” Android TV dongle leak out quite a bit lately, including in Google’s own Android 11 Developer Preview for Android TV, and past reports have said that it could launch sometime this summer. If that summer launch time frame is accurate, then this mystery Google device could be the Android TV dongle that Google is pushing through the FCC and getting ready for launch.

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