New ‘Hey Google’ sensitivity setting rolling out to Google Assistant devices

Google Home, Home Mini

A new Google Home setting is rolling out that’ll give you more control over how you activate the Google Assistant on your device.

A new “Hey Google” sensitivity setting is being added to Google’s Home app. With it, you can raise or lower a device’s sensitivity to the “Hey Google” hotword.

The feature was spotted earlier today by XDA-Developers‘ Mishaal Rahman, and Google has since confirmed to The Verge that this feature has started to “roll out gradually”. So if you don’t see it yet in your Google Home app, give it some time and check again.

Google first teased this “Hey Google” sensitivity setting back in September 2019, so it’s nice to see that the feature has finally started going out to users. It’s meant to help you reduce unintentional activations of the Google Assistant if you’d like, or make it easier for you to activate the Assistant if you’re in a particularly noisy environment.

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