New iPad Pro models come with 6GB of RAM

iPad Pro 2020

Normally when Apple launches a new iPhone or iPad, it’s happy to give us a rundown on its specs and features save for a couple details, like the exact battery size and the amount of RAM included. Today at least one of those tidbits has been revealed for the new iPad Pro.

Both new iPad Pro models come with 6GB of RAM. As noted by 9to5Mac, that’s a change from the previous iPad Pro models introduced in 2018, which had 6GB of RAM in the 1TB storage versions but 4GB of RAM in all other models.

Also discovered today is that the new iPad Pro comes with the same U1 Ultra Wideband chip found in the iPhone 11. One of the features that this chip enables is better AirDrop, letting you point your device at another U1-enabled device and get a shortcut to send your file to them.

There’s no word yet on the exact battery size of the new iPad Pro models, but that info will likely come out once the tablets get into users hands and some benchmark tests are run. And with the new iPad Pro models becoming available for purchase today and hitting stores next week, it shouldn’t be long before they do start landing in consumers’ hands.

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