New Nest smart speaker from Google confirmed in official image

Google Nest smart speaker official blue

We started today by getting an unofficial look at Google’s new Nest smart speaker thanks to some images that were posted by a Japanese regulatory agency, and now we’re ending the day by seeing the new speaker again in some images from Google itself.

New photos of Google’s upcoming Nest smart speaker have surfaced that give us a clear look at the device. The folks at 9to5Google got an image directly from Google that shows the follow-up to the Google Home in some new colors, including a light blue hue. A video shared by Google that you can see below also shows the device in a pink color.

The new Nest speaker, said to be codenamed “prince”, is tall and skinny and has a sort of rectangular shape. There are four lights on the front to indicate it’s listening. The aforementioned images from Japan’s version of the FCC showed that the back of the device has a mute switch and a Google “G” logo.

Google Nest smart speaker pink

There’s still no word on what this new Nest smart speaker will be called or how much it’ll cost. Previous rumors have suggested it could be similar to a Sonos One and offer larger speaker drivers than the original Google Home, which means it could offer improved sound. Since it’s a smart speaker from Google, it’ll likely have Google Assistant functionality that’ll let you use your voice to ask questions, play music, control smart home devices, and more.

It’s expected that Google will host an event in early October to introduce the Pixel 5, so we could get an official introduction to this Nest smart speaker then. Or if Google decides to finally announce the Pixel 4a before October, perhaps it could also launch the speaker at the same time.

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