New Pixel 4 photo leak shows off ‘coral’ orange color option

Pixel 4 coral orange leak

The Pixel 4 has leaked out in both black and white color options over the past week, and now a third paint job has surfaced.

A photo has leaked out that shows the Pixel 4 in black, white, and a new orange color option. It’s not clear what Google will officially call this color, especially considering it’s used names like “Not Pink”, “Kinda Blue”, and “Very Silver” for past Pixel models. However, the Weibo post accompanying this Pixel 4 photo refers to it as “coral”.

Google typically offers three colors for its Pixel flagships: white, black, and a third, fun hue. This orange Pixel 4 looks pretty good, and we’re glad to see that Google is continuing its tradition of having a fun Pixel color option, especially since orange isn’t a color that we often see on smartphones.

What do you think of this orange Pixel 4?

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