Next week’s T-Mobile Tuesday deals include free Popeyes chicken sandwich, Tidal Premium

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T-Mobile customers, your carrier wants to help you with your lunch plans next week.

On May 19, T-Mo subscribers can get a free chicken sandwich from Popeyes through T-Mobile Tuesdays. Customers get their choice of a Classic or Spicy Chicken Sandwich, but one thing to keep in mind is that you’ll need to need to make an order of $10 or more to get the free sandwich.

This chicken sandwich became hugely popular when Popeyes launched it last year, selling out nationally before returning two months later. So if you haven’t tried it yet or you have had it an you enjoyed it, this is a deal to check out next week.

T-Mobile will also be giving customers 3 months of free Tidal Premium next Tuesday. This service includes ad-free streaming of more than 60 million songs plus HD music videos and curated playlists.

T-Mo customers can get a 30% discount plus free shipping to Converse next Tuesday, as well as 1 free month of the Openfit fitness app and a $0.10 per gallon discount on gas at Shell.

For its contest next week, T-Mobile will be giving 10 lucky winners a free 256GB iPhone SE. While the aforementioned deals are only available to T-Mo customers, anyone can enter the contest to win an iPhone SE. Non-T-Mo customers just need to visit the T-Mobile Tuesdays site to enter when next Tuesday rolls around.

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