OnePluds Buds and charging case shown off in clear images

OnePlus Buds charging case

After confirming the existence of the OnePlus Buds, it looks like OnePlus has accidentally leaked the design of its first truly wireless earbuds.

Official images of the OnePlus Buds have been discovered inside an APK in a new OnePlus 8 update. Spotted by Max Weinbach, the images show the OnePlus Buds in white, black, and teal color options. 

The design of the Buds themselves includes a rounded top with a touch panel on the outside for controlling your music as well as a long, AirPods-like stalk that’ll stick out of your ears. The APK also includes an image that suggests that your music will automatically pause when you pull the Buds out of your ears.

OnePlus Buds earbuds leak

Meanwhile, the charging case has a rounded pebble-like shape with a charging light on the front and a button on the back that may be used for pairing the Buds to a phone.

In other OnePlus Buds news, it looks like the truly wireless earbuds will have a sub-$100 price tag. OnePlus posted a teaser for the Buds to its official Instagram page, and the caption for the post says “$XX.XX”, suggesting that the OnePlus Buds will cost less than $100.

The OnePlus Buds will be officially announced alongside the OnePlus Nord tomorrow, July 21.

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