OnePlus 65W fast charging support hinted at by app code

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For the past few generations of its flagship phones, OnePlus has offered 30W wired fast charging support. Now a new leak has shown that the next OnePlus flagship may be kicking things up a notch for its next flagship.

Code found in the OnePlus Engineering Mode app suggests that the company is working on 65W fast charging. Discovered by the folks at XDA-Developers, there are two strings found in the Engineering app included with OnePlus’s Android 11 beta that refrence the faster charging:

<string name=”swrap_charger_test”>Super Wrap Charger</string>
<string name=”fastcharger_swrap”>65W Fast Charge</string>

This isn’t the first time that we’ve heard about OnePlus possibly upgrading its fast charging speeds. Last month, a OnePlus wall charger was spotted getting certified¬† by TUV Rheinland with support for charging speeds up to 65W.

Because the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro only support charging speeds up to 30W, it’s possible that OnePlus is planning to include 65W fast charging support to its next flagship. That could be the OnePlus 8T that may launch this fall, and having fast charging support up to 65W could be a nice upgrade for that “T” model.

Speedier fast charging isn’t the only upcoming OnePlus product that’s been teased by the Android 11 Beta. The folks at XDA also spotted a reference to a new “Ice Blue” color alongside the other four colors of the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, suggesting a new color option for the 8 or 8 Pro may be in the works.

Also spotted is a reference to the oft-rumored OnePlus truly wireless earbuds. A string that reads “<string name=”oneplus_tws_pods_funtion”>Headset function</string>” was found by XDA in OnePlus’s Android 11 Beta Settings app, adding fuel to the rumor fire that OnePlus’s first pair of truly wireless earbuds could be coming soon.

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