OnePlus 8 Lite may launch as OnePlus Z

OnePlus Z render leak

The OnePlus 8¬† and 8 Pro have been pretty leaky lately, being shown off in images and having their specs spilled. One device we haven’t heard as much about is the rumored OnePlus 8 Lite, but that’s changing today.

The OnePlus 8 Lite may come to market as the “OnePlus Z”. That’s according to Max Weinbach, who was told by a source that this OnePlus Z hardware matched the OnePlus 8 Lite render that leaked out late last year.

You might recall that OnePlus had a similarly named device known as the OnePlus X that launched several years ago. The source of today’s rumor claims that OnePlus is revamping the X under a new series and that it’ll be this new OnePlus Z.

Launched in late 2015, the OnePlus X was a mid-range alternative to the OnePlus 2 flagship that was aggressively price at $249. Despite that price it was a well-specced phone for the time, featuring a Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, and 5-inch 1920×1080 AMOLED screen.

Spec details for the OnePlus 8 Lite/OnePlus Z are still fairly light, but past rumors have said it could include a 6.5-inch display with 90Hz refresh rate and at least a couple of rear cameras. While the OnePlus Z may not be quite as cheap as the OnePlus X was, it could still be a more affordable alternative to the OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro, which are rumored to be chock full of high-end features like Snapdragon 865 processors, 48MP cameras, and 5G support.

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