OnePlus 8T may have just leaked out

OnePlus 8T image leak

For several years now, OnePlus has launched an updated “T” version of its flagship smartphone in the fall. And now that we’re inching toward the autumn season, rumors about a OnePlus 8T are starting to heat up.

A render of the OnePlus 8T may have leaked out today. The image was spotted inside OnePlus’s new Android 11 Developer Preview by OxygenUpdater, which notes that this image would be used in the “About Phone” section of the device’s settings.

Also of note is that the image file is named “OnePlus_8T.webp”.

Focusing on the device itself, it doesn’t really look all that different from the OnePlus 8. There’s a display with slim bezels, rounded corners, and a hole-punch camera in its upper-left corner, an alert slider and a power/lock button on the right side, and volume controls on the left side of the phone.

It’s worth noting that this image could just be a placeholder and that OnePlus will add the actual device later. Previous “T” series devices have mostly looked similar to their non-“T” counterparts, though, and so it wouldn’t be a surprise if OnePlus did launch a OnePlus 8T that looks like this.

Normally OnePlus’s “T” series models bring some internal upgrades. The regular OnePlus 8 features a Snapdragon 865 processor, and so one possible upgrade for the OnePlus 8T would be a Snapdragon 865 Plus.

What upgrades would you like to see OnePlus make with an 8T model?

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