OnePlus always-on display design and features teased

OnePlus always-on display teaser

After teasing last week that it would add an always-on display with its Android 11 update, OnePlus has now given us a sneak peek at the upcoming feature.

A video posted to Weibo by OnePlus shows what the always-on display will look like for HydrogenOS 11, which is the version of OxygenOS that OnePlus uses in China. At the top we can see a number that tells you how many times you’ve unlocked your phone so far in the day.

OnePlus always-on display features

In the middle is a timeline that shows you when you’ve used your phone throughout the day. The time and date appears to slide down the timeline as the day progresses, with the bottom signaling the end of the day.

Below the timeline is the indicator where you place your fingerprint to unlock your phone. And at the very bottom are your app notification icons.

Always-on display has been a regularly requested feature for OnePlus phones. It’s a handy feature that can let you quickly check important info like the time, date, and your notifications without actually having to wake up and unlock your phone. With its always-on display, OnePlus is baking in some digital wellness features as well, helping you to understand how often you unlock your phone and how you could reduce that number by relying on the always-on display to get information.

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