OnePlus may launch a forced dark mode setting for OxygenOS

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Android 10 brought with it a system-wide dark mode, and after that many Android apps adopted a dark theme to go along with it. There are still some apps out there that haven’t yet gone dark, but OnePlus may be working a new feature to darken them, too.

OnePlus recently released a new OxygenOS Open Beta update for the OnePlus 7 and 7 Pro, and within that update is code that hints at a forced dark mode setting. The folks at XDA-Developers found strings that reference an “Enable dark tone in more apps” setting, and they were even able to get the Settings page for it to show up.

“Make apps that don’t support dark theme also appear as dark tone,” the setting reads. “Some apps may not perform as expected, you can disable them in the list below.”

OnePlus OxygenOS force dark mode

Unfortunately, toggling this setting doesn’t actually work yet, so there’s not much else known about the feature or what apps will be supported.

It can be frustrating when you want to dark mode all the things but then you run into an app or two that doesn’t support the dark theme, especially if it’s something that you use on a regular basis. This OxygenOS feature could help fix that for some apps, and so we’re definitely hoping that OnePlus enables it soon.

Do you use dark mode on your phone?

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