OnePlus Nord confirmed to include wide angle selfie camera, Snapdragon 765G

OnePlus One logo

OnePlus continues to trickle out details of the Nord ahead of its official debut, and today a couple more tidbits of info about the lower-cost OnePlus phone have come out.

First up, OnePlus has confirmed that the Nord will have a 105-degree ultra wide selfie camera. That’s actually the second tidbit of Nord camera info that OnePlus has confirmed, as the company also recently confirmed that its new phone will have four rear cameras and two front cams.

Rumors have said that the front cameras on the Nord will include a 32MP main cam and 8MP wide angle snapper. Around back, it’s said that the Nord will sport a 48MP camera, 8MP wide angle camera, 5MP macro cam, and a 2MP portrait sensor.

OnePlus also reaffirmed today that the Nord will be equipped with a Snapdragon 765G processor. Qualcomm mentioned this detail a couple of weeks ago, but now we’re getting confirmation from OnePlus, too.

The OnePlus Nord will be officially announced on July 21. 

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