OnePlus Nord design revealed in new video

We’re still one week out from the OnePlus Nord’s official announcement, but that hasn’t stopped OnePlus from revealing the design of its new smartphone.

OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei showed off both the front and back of the Nord during an interview with YouTuber MKBHD. The design lines up with what we saw in a previous leak, sporting a quad rear camera array in a vertical, pill-shaped camera bump. There’s a flash and a couple of OnePlus logos, too.

The Nord is shown in both black and teal color options.

OnePlus Nord design

On the bottom of the OnePlus Nord we can see a USB-C port, speaker cutout, and what looks to be the SIM tray.

Around front we can see dual front cameras, a feature that OnePlus has already confirmed for the Nord, in a pill-shaped hole-punch. There’s a power button on the right side of the device as well as OnePlus’s trademark alert slider.

Pei also appears to be wearing OnePlus Buds during the interview. We don’t get a close look at the earbud in Pei’s ear, but the blue color does match the OnePlus Nord, and we know that OnePlus is launching its first pair of truly wireless earbuds the same day as the Nord.

During the interview, the OnePlus co-founder also touches on how much it costs to add popular features to a smartphone. For example, putting NFC in a phone adds around $4 to the bill of materials for the manufacturer, Pei reveals.

OnePlus Nord front

We also learn that when it comes to the display, using AMOLED is twice as expensive as LCD, and opting for a screen with curved edges increases the cost further because they’re more prone to error when they’re being made. And then there’s the headphone jack, which Pei explains doesn’t cost much money but does have a design cost in that it takes up a lot of space inside the phone that could be used for other things, like a larger battery.

Finally, Pei touches a bit on the cost of adding IP water resistance to a phone. While the actual seals inside the phone aren’t that costly, what is expensive is all of the equipment needed to test that IP rating as well as the manpower for the testing.

The OnePlus Nord hasn’t gotten an official IP rating, which isn’t a huge surprise since one of the main focuses of the device is making it affordable. However, Pei does reveal that while they were building the Nord, OnePlus was trying to get the phone to withstand 30 centimeters of water for up to 30 seconds.


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