OnePlus Nord will include Google’s Phone and Messages apps

OnePlus One logo

OnePlus has spilled several of the features of the Nord in the past few weeks, but most of them have been focused on hardware. Now the company is switching things up and teasing some software features.

The OnePlus Nord will come with Google’s Phone, Messages, and Duo apps rather than OnePlus’s own apps. OnePlus confirmed this on its official OnePlus Nord account on Instagram.

“You know the apps: Duo, Phone, and Messages,” OnePlus says in its Instagram post. “Now know the phone that’s got them.”

OnePlus has its own custom Android UI called OxygenOS, and it includes custom phone and messaging apps. In its post on Instagram, though, OnePlus suggests that it’s using Google’s Phone and Messages apps to help give the Nord the smoothest performance.

Lots of people really like Google’s own Android apps because they can help give a more stock, Pixel-like experience. Google’s own apps have other benefits, too, like how the Messages app offers RCS for better texting thanks to features like read receipts, chat over Wi-Fi, and higher-quality photos and videos.

The OnePlus Nord will be officially announced on July 21.

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