OnePlus says OxygenOS will get dark mode toggle in Quick Settings

OnePlus 8 Interstellar Glow

On many devices with a dark mode, there’s an an easy-to-access toggle to let you quickly switch back and forth between light and dark modes. That’s not currently the case with OnePlus’s OxygenOS, but the good news is that that’ll be changing soon.

OnePlus is adding a dark mode switch to its Quick Settings menu. The company confirmed these plans in its official forums, saying that the toggle will undergo internal testing before it’s pushed to more users in an Open Beta.

There’s no mention of exactly when this dark mode switch will roll out to users, but OnePlus does say that internal testing of the feature is scheduled for this month, so a wider rollout may not be too far off.

OnePlus’s OxygenOS does let you switch on a dark mode manually, but that option is buried in the “Customization” section of the Settings app. Devices from many other companies give you a quick access toggle for dark mode which makes it easier and faster to turn things dark. That’s handy when you’ve been blinded by a bright white screen at night.

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