OnePlus truly wireless earbuds leak hints at AirPods-like design, July release

OnePlus 8 unboxing

OnePlus may have just launched its new Bullets Wireless Z headphones alongside the OnePlus 8 last month, but a new report says that the company has another pair of headphones launching soon. 

OnePlus will reportedly launch its truly wireless earbuds in July. That’s according to Max J., who adds that the design you see below is actually what these new OnePlus wireless earbuds will look like

OnePlus truly wireless earbuds design leak

This design is reminiscent of Apple’s AirPods, featuring a rounded head and a long stalk. The head on these OnePlus truly wireless earbuds appears to be a bit more of a oval shape than the AirPods’ head, but overall the design of OnePlus’s ‘buds is pretty similar to Apple’s.

The design of the recently launched OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z headphones are a bit different than these rumored OnePlus truly wireless earbuds, but that design may have had to be switched up a bit to make the change from neckbuds to truly wireless earbuds. We’ve seen a few other companies use an AirPods-like design for their truly wireless ‘buds, and so it’s possible that OnePlus could do the same.

One final thing to note is that while Max J. has been the source of accurate OnePlus leaks in the past, he does caution that this info on the truly wireless earbuds comes from a “new but seemingly reliable source”. So this leaked design isn’t a lock quite yet.

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