OnePlus TV confirmed to include QLED screen, Android TV

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In the weeks leading up to a new smartphone announcement, OnePlus likes to trickle out details of its new device to keep building hype. Now the company appears to be doing the same thing for the OnePlus TV.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has confirmed a few more details about his company’s upcoming smart TV. For example, Lau told Gadgets 360 that the OnePlus TV will use a QLED. The CEO added that the television will be a premium product and that anyone expecting a OnePlus One level of aggressive pricing will be disappointed.

Another notable feature of the OnePlus TV is that it’ll run Android TV. We suspected that the OnePlus TV would be powered by Android TV when the Bluetooth SIG listed it as a “Unique android tv” device, but now Lau has confirmed that aspect of the OnePlus TV.

It won’t be plain Android TV on the OnePlus TV, though, as Lau went on to say that the device will run an “improved” UI on top of Android TV. He also teased that OnePlus has placed a lot of focus on how to give OnePlus smartphone owners an enhanced experience with the OnePlus TV.

“One more key selling point that I want to highlight is that we are really optimising the Android TV system which I don’t see a lot of brands in Indian market [doing],” Lau explained. “Because of our great partnership with Google, not only do we use their Android TV system but we also optimise it very deeply.”

OnePlus confirmed this week that the OnePlus TV will launch in September, but it’ll only be available in India to start. Releases in North America, Europe, and China are planned, but first OnePlus has to establish relationships with local and regional content providers.

Finally, it’s expected that the OnePlus TV will be available in 43-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch sizes.

As we get closer to the September, we’re getting a better picture of the OnePlus TV. It’s nice to get confirmation that the OnePlus TV will run Android TV, but now we’re interested in seeing this “improved” UI that OnePlus is planning to place on top of Android TV. OnePlus doesn’t use a heavy skin on top of Android for its smartphones, but maybe it thinks it can make the Android TV experience better by adding some of its own touches on top of the Android TV UI.

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