OxygenOS 11 update will bring ‘fresh design elements’, teases OnePlus

OnePlus 8 hands-on

We already know that OnePlus will be adding an always-on display to OxygenOS with the Android 11 update, but that’s not all that OnePlus has planned for the big update.

OnePlus CEO Pete Lau has teased that the OxygenOS 11 update will be a “step forward” for the company. It’ll bring with it some “fresh design elements” as well as features that many users have been asking for.

Lau also said that even with those new features, OxygenOS will still have a lightweight, clean UI and that it’ll offer plenty of customization options to help you make OxygenOS fit your needs.

OxygenOS 11 doesn’t have a concrete release date quite yet, but OnePlus does say that it will offer the final developer preview build on August 10. Once the big bugs have been fixed, OnePlus will offer an open beta of OxygenOS 11 so that anyone can try the update before it’s released to the pubic.

Earlier this week, we got an early look at the always-on display feature that’ll be added to OxygenOS 11. It includes features like a counter to show how many times you’ve unlocked your phone so far in the day and a timeline that’ll show you the time, date, and your phone usage throughout the date.

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