Pixel 4 finally gets ‘Require eyes to be open’ face unlock setting with April update

Pixel 4 XL Face Unlock

Pretty much ever since the launch of the Pixel 4 and 4 XL, we’ve been wondering when Google would enable a feature that requires your eyes to be open for face unlock to work. With today’s new update, that feature has finally arrived.

Google’s April 2020 update for Pixel phones includes a “Require eyes to be open” setting for the Pixel 4 and 4 XL’s face unlock (via Droid-Life). As the name of the setting suggests, toggling this feature on means that you’ll need to have your eyes open for the Pixel 4’s face unlock to work.

We first learned about this feature before the Pixel 4 was even announced. A bunch of hands-on photos showing the Pixel 4 leaked out, and one of them included the “Require eyes to be open” toggle in the phone’s settings. However, that feature was missing when the Pixel 4 actually launched.

Shortly after the Pixel 4’s release, Google confirmed that it would add the “Require eyes to be open” setting in a future software update, but didn’t say when that might arrive. Fast-forward to today and it’s finally here with Google’s April 2020 update for Pixel phones.

Face unlock is a handy feature for your phone, letting you unlock it just by pointing it at your face rather than placing your finger on a fingerprint reader or typing in a PIN. While it’s may not be the most secure lock method, allowing it to work even when your eyes are closed makes it even less secure because someone could just point your phone at your face while you’re asleep or even if you’re just closing your eyes. At least now you can make it so that your eyes must be open for face unlock to work, making the feature a bit more secure.

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