Pixel 4a XL back cover leaked by eBay listing

Pixel 4a XL back cover

eBay is turning up all kinds of unreleased wireless goodies lately. Less than one month after a prototype of Sooner, Google’s first Android phone, hit the marketplace, a piece of another unannounced device has surfaced.

A listing for what’s said to be a Google Pixel 4a XL back cover has showed up on eBay (via 9to5Google). The part is being sold by someone based in China who claims to have more than 10 available.

The part itself looks similar to the back of the Pixel 4a that’s been leaking lately, with a cutout for a rear fingerprint reader and a square camera housing. What’s notable is that this Pixel 4a XL camera housing appears to have three cutouts while the Pixel 4a only has two cutouts for its single camera and flash, suggesting the Pixel 4a XL might have had dual rear cams.

The part also shows a cutout for the 3.5mm headphone jack on the top of the case. On inside of the back cover, near the bottom, we can see a stamp that suggests that this part was made in September 2019.

Earlier today a report spilled all of the spec details for the Pixel 4a, including the news that this is a single device and that Google won’t be launching a Pixel 4a XL model. The appearance of this part on eBay suggests that Google had considered releasing a Pixel 4a XL at some point but ultimately scrapped it for whatever reason.

While Google isn’t likely to confirm whether this Pixel 4a XL part is legitimate, it does make sense that the company would think about making a Pixel 4a XL and a Pixel 4a. It currently sells both the Pixel 3a and 3a XL, giving customers who want the affordable Pixel two screen size options. But it looks like for this year, Google has decided to simplify its lineup and just offer the smaller and cheaper Pixel 4a.

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