Pixel Buds deal knocks $50 off the price of Google’s new wireless earbuds

Pixel Buds 2nd Gen

Interested in picking up Google’s new Pixel Buds? If so, you could get a massive discount on them.

US Cellular is running a deal that offers 30% off accessories, and that includes the Pixel Buds. They’re normally priced at $179, meaning you can get them for $125.30 when you use the discount code ACCESSORY30 at checkout.

The catch is that you must live in a US Cellular service area to buy the Pixel Buds. When you try to add them to your cart, you’ll be asked to enter your ZIP code to see you’re in a service area and eligible to purchase the Pixel Buds.

Getting $50 off the new Pixel Buds would be a pretty nice deal on its own, but it’s especially great considering that Google just launched them yesterday. So if you’re interested in the Pixel Buds, it’s definitely worth checking to see if you’re able to take advantage of US Cellular’s deal.

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