PlayStation 5 console officially revealed by Sony

Sony PS5 console official

Today was Sony’s big PS5 games event, and the company also took the opportunity to give us our first glimpse at the PlayStation 5 console itself.

The PS5 design is definitely different than most consoles we’ve seen in the past, eschewing a black box design for something a bit wavier. The top and bottom of the console are white and sandwiched in between them is a black section where the ports are located. The white-and-black design matches the PS5’s DualSense controller that Sony revealed a couple months ago.

Sony PS5 Digital Edition

The Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc drive lives on one of the white portions of the PS5, but Sony also confirmed today that it’ll offer a PlayStation 5 Digital Edition without a disc drive.

Because the sides of the PS5 are wavy, you might think that you won’t be able to lay the console on its side. Sony offered a brief glimpse of the PlayStation 5 laying down on its side, though, resting on a small base.

Sony PS5 on its side

Along with the PS5 console itself, Sony gave us a look at some of the new console’s accessories as part of today’s reveal. They include an HD Camera, a DualSense Charging Station, a Pulse 3D Wireless Headset, and a Media Remote.

One detail that Sony didn’t reveal today is price. Presumably the PS5 Digital Edition will be a little cheaper than the model that comes with a disc drive, but we’ll have to wait a bit longer before we know how much the PS5 and its accessories will cost.

Sony will launch the PlayStation 5 this holiday season.

Sony PS5 console family

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