President Trump extends US ban on Huawei into 2021

Huawei P20 unboxing

There’s some bad news for Huawei this week, as President Donald Trump has extended his executive order that bans Huawei from working with US companies.

The executive order was signed almost exactly one year ago, and today it’s been extended through May 2021 (via Reuters). The order bans U.S companies from dealing with or using telecommunications equipment from firms that are deemed a national security risk.

The order doesn’t specifically name Huawei or any other company, but it’s thought that Huawei and ZTE are two companies that are the focus. Products from those two companies were previously banned from use by the US government.

This ban means that Huawei can’t use Google apps and services on its new Android phones, including the Play Store. Huawei has its own AppGallery that users can download apps from, but not having apps like Gmail, YouTube, and Google Maps may be a deal breaker for some consumers.

Huawei has tried to get around the ban by doing things like re-releasing pre-ban models. This week it re-released the P30 Pro as the P30 Pro New Edition, allowing it to market a new device that still comes with Google apps.

Huawei has gotten some Temporary General Licenses that’ve allowed it to continue to support its existing devices with updates and to give carriers time to find alternatives for the Huawei equipment in their networks. The most recent extension is due to expire in two days on May 15¬†but today’s report suggests that another extension is planned.

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