PS5 game box design shown off by Sony

PS5 game box design official

One month after we got our first glimpse at the PlayStation 5, Sony has made another big PS5 reveal.

Today Sony showed off the box design for PS5 games. The box itself will be blue, just like the PS4 game boxes, but the new strip at the top of the box where it says “PS5” will now be white with black logos.¬†

This design lines up with the design of the PlayStation 5 console itself and the DualSense controller. Both are mostly white but with some black elements and blue accents.

The PS5 game box design reveal may not be quite as huge as when we got our first look at the console itself, but it’s definitely notable because it’s a design you’ll be looking at quite a bit over the next several years if you buy a PlayStation 5.

So what do you think of the PS5 game box design?

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