Quibi now lets you take screenshots, but only with a special action

Since its launch in early April, Quibi has been busy adding new features to its mobile apps. Support for AirPlay and Chromecast were added so that you can beam Quibi shows from your phone to your TV, and today the apps are getting another new feature.

Quibi will now let you take screenshots while you’re watching a show. But you can’t get a screenshot in the way that you’d normally take a screenshot on your phone, Quibi Chief Product Officer Tom Conrad explains, because the DRM in use by the app will result in black screenshots.

Instead, Quibi has come up with a special screenshot action. You’ll need to press and hold while you’re watching a Quibi show to get a menu to appear. When it does, slide your finger over to the screenshot icon (shown below) and you’ll grab an image.

Quibi screenshot menu

This feature is still being worked on and improved and currently doesn’t support captions, but you can try it now as long as you’re running version 1.7 of the Quibi app.

One other detail noted by Conrad is that even with this new feature, there’s still a “tiny number of episodes you still can’t screenshot.”

Adding the ability to take screenshots may not seem like a big deal, but this is a good feature for Quibi to have. Screenshots make it easy for people using your app to share things they think are cool, funny, or whatever else on social media, which can get more people talking about your app and possibly even checking it out. Even though Quibi’s method of taking screenshots is a bit more complicated than the normal way you get a screenshot, it’s a good feature for the streaming service to add.

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