Razer launching Pikachu earbuds with Poké Ball charging case

Razer Pikachu earbuds Hammerhead

Razer is launching a special edition of its Hammerhead truly wireless earbuds that are sure to catch the attention of Pokémon fans.

The new Razer wireless earbuds feature Pikachu branding and a bright yellow paint job (via NintendoSoup). What’s more, they come with a Poké Ball-shaped charging case that you can store them in. 

Aside from the special design of the earbuds and charging case, these earbuds look similar to the Hammerhead ‘buds that launched last year. That means they’ve got 13mm drivers, an IPX4 water resistant design, and a battery life of 3 hours with an additional 12 hours of charge stored in the case.

These Pikachu-themed Razer earbuds will launch in China on April 16th at a price of 849 RMB ($120 USD). There’s no word on when or if they’ll be released in other parts of the globe.

Bright yellow earbuds like these aren’t going to be for everyone, but if you like your devices to stand out, these will definitely do that. In addition to that yellow color, both earbuds have a logo of one of the most recognizable video game characters around. And that Poké Ball charging case helps to round things out and make this whole package pretty cool.

Razer Pikachu earbuds charging case

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