Report claims Huawei considering Russian OS as Android replacement


Ever since the Commerce Department placed Huawei on the Entity List, Google has cut ties with the Chinese manufacturer. A big reason for this is because Huawei’s inclusion on the list bars it from obtaining software and parts from its U.S. supply chain. As a result of this decision, Huawei has lost its Google Play services license. This means that it is no longer allowed to install Google’s version of Android, the Google Play Store, and its core apps on its new devices.

In response to losing the license, Huawei tested its own Hongmeng OS as an Android replacement on its new devices. The company reportedly sent out a million devices to users to gain feedback. But it looks like there is another option that Huawei is considering.

As reported by a Russian publication called The Bell, Huawei could be considering using Aurora, an operating system built under Sailfish’s open source platform.

The publication quoted two unnamed sources that Huawei’s Deputy Chairman Guo Ping spoke with Konstantin Noskov, the Russian Minister for Digital Development and Communications. The sources claimed the two spoke about using Aurora, considering it was developed by a Russian wireless provider and a Russian businessman.

Another source claimed that both Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping spoke about the topic. A fourth source, who reportedly works for the Chinese government, shared that they are “already testing devices with Aurora installed on them.”

There are also some reports that Huawei could possibly have some of its devices produced in Russia, along with its software and chips.

Right now, all these are reports from sources. There is no official announcement yet on what OS Huawei will go with in its future devices.


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