Samsung device sale offers discounted phones, bundles with free Buds+ or Watch Active 2

Samsung Galaxy S20+ black

Miss out on yesterday’s Galaxy S20+ deal? Not to worry, because not only is the S20+ on sale again today, but several other Samsung devices are being discounted as well.

Amazon is running a sale on a variety of Samsung devices, offering discounts on some models and bundling free Galaxy Buds+ or a free Galaxy Watch Active 2 with select devices. For example, you can get a sizable discount on the Galaxy A51 or on the Galaxy S20+, free Buds+ with a Galaxy S10, or a free smartwatch with a Note 10 or Galaxy Z Flip.

Here are just some of the Samsung deals available today:

All of these Samsung Galaxy phones are sold factory unlocked, so you can take them with you if you decide to change carriers in the future.

These are some great deals on Samsung phones, giving you either a discount on a new handset by itself or a free accessory to go along with your new smartphone. Let us know if you decide to jump on any of these offers!

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