Samsung Galaxy Buds+ will be released in pink

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ pink

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ may have launched just one month ago, but they’re already getting their second new color option in that time.

Samsung has announced new pink Galaxy Buds+ color alongside the red version that was recently announced. Both the pink and red versions of the Galaxy Buds+ are launching in Korea, with the red version exclusively available from the carrier KT.

This means that the Galaxy Buds+ are now available in five total colors: white, black, blue, red, and pink.

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ red

We know that Samsung regularly releases new colors for its existing products, and so we’re not surprised to see the Galaxy Buds+ get another paint job. The pink looks nice, sporting a definite bubblegum pink hue, but we’re especially smitten by the deep red color of the other new Galaxy Buds+. 

Which color of Galaxy Buds+ do you think looks best?

Samsung Galaxy Buds+ colors

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