Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders canceled by AT&T

Samsung Galaxy Fold

Following Best Buy’s decision to cancel all Samsung Galaxy Fold pre-orders, AT&T has decided to do the same.

AT&T has emailed its Galaxy Fold pre-order customers telling them that their order has been canceled. “Thanks for your recent order for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Fold,” the email obtained by Tom’s Guide reads. “Unfortunately, Samsung delayed the release of the Fold, which means we can’t ship your phone and have to cancel your pre-order.”

Any funds held on a pre-order customer’s card will be released. If they were charged, a refund will be issued.

To make up for the cancellation, AT&T is giving Galaxy Fold pre-order customers a $100 AT&T Promotional Card. The carrier also promises that once Samsung announces a new release date for the Galaxy Fold, customers will be able to pre-order it again.

It’s now been nearly two months since Samsung originally delayed the Galaxy Fold and we’re still without a new release date, so it’s not a huge surprise that AT&T has decided to cancel pre-orders. Samsung said a few days ago that it’ll announce the Galaxy Fold’s new launch timing “in the coming weeks,” so hopefully we’ll hear more about the foldable phone’s release soon.

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