Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ leak reveals what’s different between the two tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ images leak

Most of Samsung’s upcoming devices have been leaking out pretty heavily in recent weeks, including the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra as well as the Galaxy Buds Live. Now the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ are the subjects of a major leak.

A new report details just about everything there is to know about Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S7+ (shown above) and S7 (shown below), including images and spec details. The folks at WinFuture have shared all the important info, detailing the big differences between the two tablets.

While the Galaxy Tab S7+ and S7 share a lot of the same specs, there are some big differences to be aware of. For example, not only does the Tab S7+ have a larger 12.4-inch 2800×1752 display whereas the non-Plus Tab S7 has an 11-inch 2560×1600 screen, the Tab S7+’s display is an AMOLED panel while the Tab S7 is a TFT LCD.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 image leak

The other major difference between the two models is their battery size. The Tab S7+ has a 10,090mAh battery while the Tab S7 is packing a 7040mAh battery. Unsurprisingly, the Tab S7+ is also larger, coming in at 285mm x 185mm x 5.7mm and weighing 590 grams (1.30 pounds), while the Tab S7 is 253mm x 165.4mm x 6.34mm and weighs 495 grams (1.09 pounds).

Both tablets will reportedly be powered by Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 865 Plus processor which will be paired with 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage (more storage options expected), and a microSD card slot. There will be a dual rear camera setup with 13MP main and 5MP ultra wide snappers, too, plus an 8MP front camera for selfies.

The Galaxy Tab S7+ and Tab S7 are both expected to come with a S Pen stylus that’ll likely attach to the back of the tablets magnetically when not in use. When you are using it, the S Pen will purportedly have a latency of just 9ms, which should help it feel more close to writing with a real pen and paper.

Galaxy Tab S7 sides leak

Finally, both tablets will reportedly come with four speakers plus Dolby Atmos support. There’s no headphone jack present in the renders, which means the USB-C port will have to pull double duty for charging and wired headphones.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S tablets are premium, flagship-tier tablets that offer an Android alternative to the iPad. There aren’t a ton of high-end Android tablets coming to market anymore, and so it’s good to see Samsung continue to crank out its Galaxy Tab S tablets for folks who prefer Android on a tablet over iPadOS.

The Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ could be announced at Samsung’s event on August 5.

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