Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 tipped to include 120Hz refresh rate

Galaxy Tab S7 render

After giving all three Galaxy S20 phones a 120Hz refresh rate earlier this year, Samsung may be planning to bring the feature to its next flagship tablet, too.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+ will reportedly include 120Hz refresh rate displays. This feature was tweeted out today by Ice Universe, who has been a source of accurate Samsung leaks in the past.

Past rumors have also suggested that the Galaxy Tab S7’s display will measure in at 11 inches. The resolution isn’t yet known, but last year’s Galaxy Tab S6 had a 2560×1600 screen, so we’d expect the Galaxy Tab S7’s display to be at least that resolution as well, if not even higher.

The benefit of a higher refresh rate display is that it makes scrolling and animations appear more smooth. It’s one of the highlight features of Apple’s iPad Pro tablets and so it’s great to hear that Samsung may be bringing a 120Hz refresh rate to its own premium tablet this year, especially after last year’s Galaxy Tab S6 was stuck at 60Hz.

Rumors say that the Galaxy Tab S7 could be announced at a Samsung event on August 5.

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