Samsung Galaxy Z Flip gets special YouTube feature

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

One of the perks of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is that it can be folded about halfway and some apps will get a special layout called Flex Mode. For example, the Camera viewfinder will use the upper half of the screen while the buttons will take up the lower half.

Now YouTube has been updated to support Flex Mode on the Galaxy Z Flip. When activated, the video will play in the top half of the screen and you can use the bottom half to read the description, write comments, or search for other videos.

Square and vertical videos will fill the upper half of the screen while in Flex Mode, while 16:9 videos will adjust to the center.

This update for the YouTube app will begin rolling out in the Google Play Store starting today, April 22nd, so be on the lookout for it if you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip!

Galaxy Z Flip YouTube Flex Mode

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