Samsung is adding Google’s RCS messaging to Galaxy phones

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

After pushing its RCS messaging to Android users broadly in the Messages app, Google is now working on bringing its flavor of RCS to more Samsung users, too.

Samsung is working with Google to bring Google’s RCS Chat to Galaxy smartphones (via Android Central). There’s no word on exactly when the feature will launch, though.

“Samsung is bringing support for Google’s Rich Communication Services (RCS) to Galaxy smartphones to make your conversations more seamless,” Samsung announced recently. “The two companies have been working since 2018 to bring the features to Samsung devices.”

As Samsung points out, already offers RCS messaging support in its Samsung Messages app but it’s only available on select carriers. Samsung seems to be working on adding support for Google’s RCS messaging, too, which won’t require a carrier’s support to work once it’s been enabled for the Samsung Messages app.

This is a pretty big deal for RCS messaging. While Android folks can get Google’s RCS Chat features now by installing the Messages app from the Play Store, many people simply stick with the default messaging app that comes with their phone. As the biggest Android device maker around, Samsung adding Google’s RCS to the Samsung Messages app would bring Google’s flavor of RCS to many, many more people.

RCS, or Rich Communication Services, makes texting better by adding features like typing indicators, read receipts, better group chat like the ability to name groups, and support for chatting over Wi-Fi in addition to mobile data.

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