Samsung is reportedly working on another Galaxy Home smart speaker

Remember the Galaxy Home? The smart speaker featuring Bixby that Samsung announced earlier this year? Well, it’s still listed as “coming soon”, but that isn’t stopping Samsung from working on another one!

According to a report from SamMobile, Samsung is indeed prepping another smart speaker with the Galaxy Home brand. The new model is number SM-V310, while the unit that Samsung announced earlier this year is model number SM-V510. The report also states that the new model will be sold in black whenever it does launch, but otherwise there isn’t much else to go on here.

This new model may be cheaper than the Galaxy Home that was announced earlier this year, which may mean it has fewer microphones and other tweaks to help reduce the price. The report also indicates that this may be a “Galaxy Home Mini” of sorts, so that could help drop the cost, too.

So, there’s another Galaxy Home on the way! And Samsung hasn’t quite yet launched the first one. What do you think of that particular strategy?

SOURCE: Android and Me – Read entire story here.

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