Samsung is shutting down ‘My Bixby Level’ rewards on August 10

Today Samsung said that it’s going to unveil a brand new smartphone on August 9, but now it looks like there’s a bit of bad news, too — if you like getting rewarded for using Bixby, that is.

Bixby is Samsung’s proprietary digital personal assistant effort, and the company really wants people to use it, going as far as to put a dedicated physical button on the side of its most recent flagship smartphones. But Bixby hasn’t caught on as well as other assistants out there.

In an effort to get Galaxy device owners out there to use Bixby, Samsung launched a program called “My Bixby Level”. This makes using Bixby a sort of game so that you can earn points towards real world rewards every time you use the assistant. So the more you use Bixby, Samsung would give you rewards like special background colors, Samsung Pay points that could be turned into discounts for other Samsung products, or even contest entries to win Samsung products.

At first, earning those points was very easy, but then Samsung made that effort a bit more difficult, so users couldn’t horde them as easily. Now, the company has confirmed that it is shutting down the feature altogether. The final sunset will happen on August 10, one day after the announcement of the Galaxy Note 9.


It sounds like the colorful backgrounds will be rolled out to everyone, but the other rewards are going away completely.

Did you ever take advantage of My Bixby Level? Are you sad to see it go?

SOURCE: Android and Me – Read entire story here.

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