Samsung launches 50% guaranteed buy-back program for Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 series

Samsung really wants you to buy a Galaxy S20, and today the company launched a new promotion to convince you to pull the trigger.

Samsung’s new guaranteed buy-back program promises to get you 50% of the full retail price of a Galaxy S20 if you return the phone within 24 months of purchase (via Droid-Life). The Galaxy S20, S20+, and S20 Ultra are all eligible.

To qualify, you’ll need to buy your new Galaxy S20 series phone on or the Shop Samsung app. You’ll also need to opt in to the program by selecting the guaranteed buy-back option when you buy your new phone.

You’ll have up to 24 months to return your phone after purchase. The device must be in good condition with no damage beyond normal wear and tear. That means it powers on; has a functioning display with no dead pixelation; no breaks or cracks; no dents or dings; and no evidence of water damage. It must also not be blacklisted and you must disable anti-theft locking software like Google Factory Reset Protection.

If you qualify, you’ll receive 50% of the full retail price of the phone as a credit to your payment account. For example, the Galaxy S20 5G 128GB will get you $499.99 back, the Galaxy S20+ 5G 128GB will get you $599.99 back, and the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G 128GB will get you $699.99 back.

This guaranteed buy-back program looks like a decent offer if you’ve been considering a Galaxy S20. It can be tough to predict exactly what the resale or trade-in value of a phone will be 2 years after you buy it, but with Samsung you can guarantee that you’ll get half of your money back that you can then put toward a new device. Plus, then you don’t have to worry about reselling the phone yourself or hunting down the best trade-in deal.

Samsung Galaxy S20 guaranteed buy-back program

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