Samsung phone with pop-up camera reportedly in the works

Samsung phone pop-up camera leak

We’ve seen several phone makers launch devices with pop-up cameras, but one company that’s skipped the pop-up cam so far is Samsung. That may be changing soon.

A new report claims that Samsung is working on a new phone with a pop-up camera mechanism. Renders from OnLeaks and Pigtou show an unannounced Samsung phone with a pop-up cam, meaning the 6.5-inch display has no notch or hole-punch. It does have a bit of a chin bezel, though.

This mystery phone is also packing a rear fingerprint reader and a triple rear camera setup. There’s a USB-C port on the bottom for charging, but there doesn’t appear to be any 3.5mm headphone jack present.

The device is said to be 160.9mm tall, 77mm wide, and 9.2mm thick.

Samsung phone pop-up camera closed render

There’s no word on what this phone might be called or what specs it might have. Right now the only info on the device’s features that’s available is what we can see in the renders.

Last year Samsung launched the Galaxy A80 with a rotating camera setup, but this mysterious new device could be Samsung’s first with a real pop-up camera mechanism. It’s kind of strange to hear that Samsung may be working on a phone with a pop-up cam while most other phone makers seem to be moving past that design.

Because this is the first we’re hearing about this phone and there aren’t many spec details available, a launch could still be a ways out. Stay tuned and perhaps we’ll hear more about it in the coming months.

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