Samsung reportedly working on Bright Night, its version of Google’s Night Sight feature

Samsung CES booth

Night Sight is one of Google’s highlight camera features of the Pixel 3, letting you get clear low-light photos without a flash. Now a new report says that a popular Android device maker may be prepping its own version of Night Sight.

Samsung is working on a new feature called “Bright Night” that sounds like it will be a rival to Google’s Night Sight feature. That’s according to XDA-Developers, who found code that describes the feature inside the Samsung Camera app on the Galaxy Note 9 running the Android Pie-based One UI beta.

“Suggest mode to take bright pictures even in very dark conditions,” reads one of the lines of code related to Bright Night. Another string of code says that you can “Brighten up this shot with Bright Night”. The feature is described as taking multiple shots and combining them together to get brighter, clearer pictures in low light without using your phone’s flash.

It’s no surprise to hear that Samsung is working on a Night Sight-style feature. Not only is improving low-light photography a major focus for most smartphone makers, but Night Sight has earned Google and the Pixel 3 a lot of praise for Night Sight’s ability to take great low-light photos without a flash.¬†

It’s unclear exactly when Samsung might release Bright Night, but an announcement alongside next year’s Galaxy S10 wouldn’t be a huge surprise. The Galaxy S phones are flagships for Samsung, and this Bright Night feature sounds like a tentpole feature for a major new smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy S10 is rumored for a February announcement, so it may not be long before we get to see how Samsung’s Bright Night compares to Google’s Night Sight.

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