Samsung taking Galaxy Note 20 pre-order reservations, offering $50 credit

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra camera bump

The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 may still be a couple weeks away from its official reveal, but if you already know that you’re gonna want one, you can reserve a unit today.

Samsung is now taking reservations for “the next Galaxy”. You can register your name, email, and ZIP code with Samsung and choose your preferred carrier, which you’ll be able to change when you complete your order if you’d like.

If you reserve a Note 20 between July 22 and August 4 and then complete your pre-order when the phone is actually announced, Samsung will give you a $50 credit that you can spend in its online store on “wearables, tablets, PCs, and select accessories”. The $50 credit will be valid through November 27, 2020.

While Samsung won’t be officially announcing the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra until August 5, we’ve gotten clear looks at both devices as well as the majority of their specs this week. So if you’re thinking that you’re probably going to buy a new Note device when they launch, reserving one could be a smart move because it’ll get you an extra $50 to spend on an accessory for your new phone or some other goodie.¬†

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