Samsung’s bean-shaped Galaxy Buds could include active noise cancellation

Galaxy Bus Bean render leak

A new leak claimed that Samsung may be working on a brand new bean-inspired design for its next Galaxy Buds, and now some more details on the upcoming wireless earbuds have leaked.

Samsung will reportedly add active noise cancellation to the new Galaxy Buds. That’s according to Korean media (via SamMobile) who add that Samsung could price the new earbuds at 170,000 won, which is around $140 USD.

Active noise cancellation would be a major addition to these bean-shaped Galaxy Buds. Lots of folks were hoping that Samsung would include ANC with the Galaxy Buds+ to help them compete with Apple’s AirPods Pro, but that wasn’t the case. 

The addition of ANC to these new Galaxy Buds would likely drive a lot of interest in them, especially if Samsung does end up pricing them at $140 or $150, which is the same price that Samsung is currently asking for the Galaxy Buds+.

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