Signal Failure – When Your Phone Gets Frustrating

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Making and receiving calls, sending and receiving texts, it all seems a lot easier with a mobile phone, but there are always going to be problems when using a technology that is designed to make things more simple.

To give mobility and simplicity, something has to drop out of the mix, and often this is shown in the case of stability.

With a home phone, you can generally be sure that your call will connect – even if you get an engaged tone or are not able to speak to the person you were looking for – because it is connected by cable to a secure exchange.

Barring a major mechanical failure, connection is guaranteed. However, with a cell phone this is not always the case.

When you are using a mobile phone, connection can be dependent on a number of different matters. For one thing, the closer you are to a mobile phone mast the better connection will be.

Phone masts are powerful, but they are not always powerful enough, and if you are out in the countryside you will have less chance of connecting a call.

Poor weather can also pose problems for mobile phone connection.

If it is raining or snowing heavily, this can interfere with your mobile phone connection and can make reception very poor – so you’ll sound unclear on the other end if not completely inaudible.

In addition, some houses have very poor reception in one room while the next room will be absolutely fine.

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