Sodar is a new Google tool that uses AR to help you with social distancing

Google Sodar

One of the ways that you can help to fight the spread of the coronavirus is with social distancing, keeping a 6-foot distance between yourself and other people. Now Google has developed a new tool to help you do that.

Sodar uses augmented reality to display a 2-meter (~6-foot) ring around you on your phone’s display. The experimental “app” can be launched by visiting this site using the Chrome browser on an Android device.

You can easily estimate a 2-meter distance between you and the person nearest to you, but Sodar is a neat way to be sure that you’re keeping a safe distance using technology. Plus it doesn’t take long to fire up, so if you do have to leave your house to do something, you can quickly fire up Sodar and know that you’re practicing safe social distancing.

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