Some Google Pixel Buds owners having issues with audio cutouts

Google Pixel Buds 2

One month after launch, it sounds like some owners of Google’s truly wireless Pixel Buds have run into connectivity problems.

There are several reports of Pixel Buds owners who say that they’re experiencing audio cutouts and Bluetooth connection issues. Folks have chimed in on Google’s official Pixel Buds support forums and on Reddit (via Android Police) with different instances in which the problems crop up.

It sounds like many owners having problems are getting their connectivity issues when something gets in the way of the Buds. One owner reports that their left Pixel Bud regularly cuts out when they cover either ear with a hand, while some others say that their Pixel Buds are cutting out when they move their head too much or tilt their head away from the phone in their pocket.

Another Pixel Buds owner says that they’ve noticed their earbuds’ sound cutting in and out while they’re jogging and that the jostling could be messing up the Pixel Buds’ connection.

While these connectivity problems aren’t affecting every single pair of Pixel Buds in the wild, there are quite a few reports of issues popping up. Google recently released a new firmware version 295 for the Pixel Buds, but there are folks who have installed that update who say they’re still having problems.

Some people affected by this problem say unpairing and repairing with their phone helped, but there doesn’t appear to be a solid solution that works for everyone right now. Google hasn’t officially acknowledged the issue but some folks have successfully gotten a replacement pair of Pixel Buds from Google.

Audio cutouts can be super annoying because the earbuds are still kind of working, but parts of whatever you’re trying to listen to keep cutting in and out. What’s worse is that there doesn’t appear to be a solid fix available yet. Here’s to hoping that Google is able to figure out what’s going on.

Are you Pixel Buds owners having any problems with audio cutouts?

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