Some iPhone 11 owners seeing green tint on their screen

iPhone 11 green tint display

Just a couple days after we heard about a weird Android bug, news of strange new iOS bug has started circulating.

Some iPhone owners are reporting that they’re seeing a green tint on the display when they unlock their phone. The complaints are coming from Reddit and the MacRumors forums (via MacRumors) and most of the people have an¬†iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. Some iPhone X users have chimed in to say that they’ve got the same problem, too.

Among those who have encountered the issue, some say that they see it at night with Dark Mode and Night Shift turned on, and others are running into the problem when their screen brightness is at its lowest setting. The good news is that most folks who do have this green tint problem say that it goes away after a few seconds.

It’s unclear what’s going on, but some affected iPhone owners report that the issue first started showing up after they updated to iOS 13.4.1. That suggests that the problem could be software related. Unfortunately, the green tint is still appearing for some people after the iOS 13.5 and iOS 13.5.1 updates.

If this green tint issue is software-related, Apple might be able to fix it with a future update. The company hasn’t officially acknowledged the problem yet, though, so it’s unclear when a fix might arrive.

This might sound like a minor issue since the green tint seems to go away after a few seconds for most folks, but it could still get pretty annoying and is something that those affected would probably like fixed on their expensive phones. Here’s to hoping a fix rolls out soon.

Are you seeing any green tint on your iPhone after unlocking it?

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